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The Engineering Division strives for quality of life improvements through various transportation infrastructure projects that include bridges, culverts, drainage systems, roadways, and signalized intersections under County jurisdiction.  The Division administers these infrastructure improvement projects from concept through construction.  The Division continues to modernize infrastructure to improve safety and the movement of traffic along County roadways while remaining compliant with new regulations and design requirements.

The County’s bridges and culverts are a high priority and one of the major responsibilities of the Engineering Division.  The structures are inspected on a regular basis by the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s engineering consultants.  The Division continues to repair, replace, or rehabilitate these structures as needed to ensure they are safe and well maintained to accommodate the needs of the public. 

The County’s traffic signals are also a high priority and major responsibility of the Engineering Division.  The Division continuously works to modernize traffic signals in order to provide for the most efficient flow of vehicular traffic as well as maximizing pedestrian safety.  Traffic signal modernization includes the replacement of outdated signal equipment; installation of vehicle detection cameras to replace loop detectors; countdown pedestrian heads; traffic signal battery backups; traffic signal generator connections; American with Disabilities Act improvements; and intelligent/adaptive traffic signal systems.

The Engineering Division’s many other responsibilities include the County road drainage systems, the Overpeck Creek Tide Gates, roadway improvements, Sign Management System, guiderail, inspection of site plan and subdivision improvements along County roads, participation in the Planning Division’s Development Review Team and regional planning and transportation projects.