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A Cold, Windy Planting at Saddle River County Park
Bergen County Environmental Council did their Fall planting at the Ridgewood Duck Pond in Saddle River County Park on Oct. 28, 2016. This planting continues the revegetation of the area surrounding the pond, which has greatly decreased in size. The day was cold, windy but nice and sunny. Planting shrubs and grasses.jpg

With the expert help of Kim Mitchell, Landscape Architect for the Parks Dept., the plants were carefully distributed in the area. Native shrubs and grasses were planted by volunteers from the Master Gardeners of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service, staff of Bergen Soil Conservation District and Environmental Council members.

BCEC Fall Planting.jpg
Many thanks again to Joel Flagler from Rutgers and all the hard-working volunteers for their efforts. Thank you also to the Parks Dept. employees for preparing the area to be planted. The Environmental Council relies on their help for all of their plantings. The Council will continue to monitor the plants, with the help of the staff from the park.
Geraldine Byrne, secretary.