Becoming a Registered Family Child Care Provider

Starting a Child Care Business

Are you thinking about starting a child care business in your home?

  • Family child care, defined as the care of five or fewer children in the provider’s home, is a natural choice for many parents.
  • Children can interact in small groups in an informal home setting, and there is often the flexibility for extended or non-traditional hours.
  • A New Jersey Certificate of Registration for Family Child Care can be obtained through the Office for Children, the state designated family child care sponsoring organization for Bergen County.
    • Providers and a substitute must register separately with
    • Provider and substitute must complete 18 hours of trainings (please, see below):
      • ** Identogo FingerPrinting - 18 years & over living in the household must get fingerprinted
      • Child Abuse Background Check - 14 years & older living in the household
      • FCC/FFN Orientation - (2 hours) -- Mandatory in Person
      • CPR & First Aid - 6 hours ($55.00 - check or money order) - Contact Andrea Alexander at (201) 640-5356 for more information
      • Health & Safety Basics - 6 hours (available for free on NJCCIS)
      • Child Abuse & Neglect - 2 hours (available for free on NJCCIS)
      • Child Development - 2 hours (available for free on NJCCIS)
      • Medical Exam & TB test (Provider & Substitute)
    • Provider and a substitute have the option to take the 10-hour online training with for FREE.
    • The FCC certificate in New Jersey is only for 5 children at a time

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