May 1, 2024



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HACKENSACK, NJ – County Executive Jim Tedesco and the Board of County Commissioners announce that the County of Bergen has entered into a shared service agreement with the Borough of East Rutherford to undertake the design and installation of a traffic light at the corner of county road Hackensack Street and Union Avenue in East Rutherford.

Once installed, the new light will improve pedestrian safety and the flow of traffic along Hackensack Street. This intersection, which is just one block away from NJ State Highway Route 17 and adjacent to Becton Regional High School’s track and field complex Riggins Field, is among the busiest intersections in East Rutherford.

The scope of the intersection improvement project includes the installation of a semi-actuated traffic light equipped with vehicle detection technology, the widening of Hackensack Street to accommodate a designated right turn lane from Union Avenue, and the relocation of the Winters Place bus stop to just north of Union Avenue with a designated cut-out to help alleviate traffic back up.

“Thank you to Mayor Lahullier, the borough council, and the residents of East Rutherford for their advocacy in bringing this request forward to improve the Hackensack Street and Union Avenue intersection,” said County Executive Jim Tedesco. “My administration takes great pride in our commitment to shared services and this new agreement will greatly enhance safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. By continually making infrastructure upgrades across the county, we are building safer and more accessible communities for all.”

“I'm thrilled to see the collaborative efforts between Bergen County and the Borough of East Rutherford lead to the enhancement of our community's safety and traffic management,” said Commissioner Vice Chairwoman Mary Amoroso. “Our commitment to safety and efficiency shines through this shared service agreement. By prioritizing pedestrian safety and efficient traffic flow, we can ensure a smoother experience for all residents and visitors in our community.”

“East Rutherford is deeply appreciative of County Executive Tedesco and the Board of Commissioners for their commitment to improve pedestrian and traffic safety across the County, especially in South Bergen,” said Mayor Jeffrey Lahullier. “This project is particularly critical because it will enhance one of the busiest intersections in town and increase pedestrian safety for everyone visiting our youth sports complex Riggins Field. Thank you to the County and all the residents who advocated to make this improvement a reality.”

The agreement adopted at the March 6th commissioners public meeting sets parameters for responsibilities for both the County of Bergen and Borough of East Rutherford. Please see the Resolution 237-24 attached to this release for full details.

Bergen County’s Planning and Engineering Department is currently in the process of reviewing construction drawings prepared by the East Rutherford Borough Engineer.


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