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About Budget & Capital Planning

The Bergen County Division of Budget & Capital Planning is made up of four sections:

1. Daily Operations

The Daily Operations section is responsible for the cash management of county funds. This section provides for a continuous update of all investments and receipts. It is also responsible for the collection of county taxes and motor vehicle fines as well as various types of other revenue.

2. Accounting

The centralized Accounting Section is responsible for the recording of daily transactions into the financial computer system as well as a manual control system. These systems are checked for accuracy on a daily basis. The section is also responsible for the reconciliation of bank and bond accounts. Grants management is also another activity that this section handles.

3. Account Payable

The Accounts Payable Section is responsible for the payment of county bills. This section is also responsible to guarantee that funds are available for the payment of claims in addition to the certification of funds for all Freeholder resolutions. Another integral part of Accounts Payable is the annual review of dated open purchase orders and contracts. The review of bond ordinance balances are also one of the special projects that the section handles in addition to maintaining the county's fixed asset inventory.

4. Division of Treasury

Finally, the administration of the Division of Treasury is responsible for administering the county debt as well as playing a major roll in the budget process. Overseeing of the entire office is a responsibility of administration.

State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Recovery Plan Performance Report Template

County of Bergen Recovery Plan – SLFRF Performance Report

Contact Us

Jon Rheinhardt

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 201-336-6555

Melissa Howard

County Treasurer

Phone: 201-336-6561

 Division of Treasury

One Bergen County Plaza  • 5th Floor, Rm 501 • Hackensack, NJ 07601-7076

Department of Administration and Finance

One Bergen County Plaza • 5th Floor • Hackensack, NJ 07601-7076

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