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ADV’s Prevention Through Education (PTE) Services

Our Prevention Through Education (PTE) services offer free educational programming to Bergen County residents about the prevalence and warning signs of domestic violence and dating abuse, how to detect signs of unhealthy relationships around us, and how to engage individuals and families in helpful resources safely. Our educational programming is available in interactive presentation, workshop, and roundtable event formats. All events can be customized by PTE educators for different audience groups and settings.  

Workshops for Middle School & High School Students

As of 2011, the NJ Department of Education has required all
7-12th grade curriculums to provide dating violence education to students and for all school districts to have a policy to prevent and respond to incidents of dating violence.

ADV is here to help! We invite your school to schedule our interactive and customizable workshops for students at no charge!

Studies have shown that prevention education programs can:

  • Help change belief systems and attitudes around dating violence!
  • Empower bystanders to provide helpful support to students!
  • Teach youth how to stay safe and healthy in romantic relationships!

To schedule an educational workshop for middle or high school students, please contact our Community Education and Outreach Coordinator, Sian Millard, by calling (201) 336-7526, emailing requests to, or submitting our online request form.

Workshops for College Students & Young Adults

ADV’s PTE staff is available to work in partnership with Bergen County universities and colleges, Offices of Violence Prevention, and community programs to develop creative and engaging solutions to violence affecting our youth and young adults.

Our PTE staff have developed workshops and curriculums centered on the topics of:

  • Dating Abuse 101
  • Detecting the Warning Flags of Abuse
  • Digital Safety
  • Bystander Intervention Training
  • Tips & Strategies for Effective Advocacy

We can work with your programs to develop workshops that meet community needs and invest in the power of our youth to detect, respond, and interrupt intimate partner violence.

We are also available to lend our presence to your campus or onsite events and provide participants with information, resources, and support.


To schedule an educational workshop for college students, please contact our Training Technician, Laura Melendez, by calling (201) 336-7579, emailing requests to, or submitting our online request form.



Community Education & Outreach Events

Our Prevention Through Education staff is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to reach out to local residents and communities to increase awareness of domestic violence, dating abuse, stalking, and other types of intimate partner violence to bridge more people to critical help.

Through our presence and involvement, we want to support groups and organizations in communicating clear messages that we are all here to support survivors of abuse and that we will not tolerate or accept injustice in our relationships.

We are also here to support and partner with groups who are interested in learning how to be influential positive bystanders, advocates, and supporters of abuse victims.

To request our presence at your next event, please contact our Community Education and Outreach Coordinator, Sian Millard, by calling (201) 336-7526, emailing requests to, or submitting our online request form.


Healthy Relationship Consultations

For persons who are looking to ask questions or reflect on relationships issues in a non-judgmental, confidential setting—our Healthy Relationship Consultations may be a good fit! Our Healthy Relationship Consultations are free, educational, one-time sessions for individuals or small groups who are looking for clarity or constructive feedback about past or current relationships. They are also open to community members who are harboring concerns and are looking for ways to support a loved one on their journey towards healthier dynamics.  

To sign-up, persons can fill out the form below, or contact the 24/7 Hotline: 201-336-7575. Consultations are available in-person in our offices or virtually through secure ZOOM video calls.

If counseling is a better fit for your needs than a one-time educational consultation, our survivor Emotional Support Services (ESS) or Group Counseling programs may be a better fit for you.

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