County & Municipal Emergency Operations Plans

Emergency Operations Plans

The County and municipal emergency operations plans or EOP's as they are known, are based on an all-hazard response to emergencies. The EOP has 16 chapters (known as annexes) that cover a wide range of functions. All of the annexes list specific hazards and resources that the municipality may have. The EOP also details any special populations that may be within the jurisdiction's boundaries. The following is a brief description of the annexes: 

Basic Plan - Describes the jurisdiction in general, form of government and services etc. . . 

Alert, Warning & Communication - Covers radio communication, emergency service communication and other methods for public warning. 

Damage Assessment - Details how a jurisdiction will document damage and recover from the effects of a major incident. The procedures for applying for federal funds are included. 

Emergency Medical - Describes the resources, risks and responsibilities of the jurisdictions emergency medical service(s). 

Emergency Operations Center - Specifies the procedures for establishing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for large scale incidents. Details the person responsible for all emergency functions. 

Emergency Public Information - Describes the procedures used by the jurisdiction for releasing timely information to the public during large emergencies. 

Evacuation - Details the hazards that the jurisdiction may have necessitating evacuation and how this will be accomplished. 

Fire and Rescue - Lists the hazards and resources for fire suppression and rescue in the jurisdiction. 

Hazardous Materials - Lists the high hazard facilities in a jurisdiction for the potential of a hazardous materials incident. Describes the laws and the response procedures to be followed for a fixed site or transportation incident. 

Law Enforcement - Describes the hazard and resources for the police department. 

Public Health - Addresses the risks and resources for the public health function in a jurisdiction. Highlights the need for an integrated public health response to incidents that may effect the public health.. 

Public Works - Details the hazards and resources of the public works department. 

Radiological Protection - Addresses the risks and responses to the threat of a nuclear incident. 

Resource Management - Describes what resources the jurisdiction maintains and what would be available in the time of emergency. 

Shelter, Reception and Care - Addresses how and where congregate care shelters will be set up and operated if the need arises. 

Social Services - Describes how the social service function will be implemented during emergencies 
Each annex is not complete without the attachments. The attachments may contain items like rosters of personnel, standard operating procedures for specific department(s), maps, equipment and mutual aid agreements. Although the annex of the plan are public information, the attachments are not. 

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