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                The Bergen County Division of Weights and Measures mission is to safeguard the interest of the public in all matters concerning commercial transactions of the commodities sold to consumers and businesses, which involve the determination of net quantities, pricing, fair competition, and equity in the marketplace.

                The Bergen County Division of Weights and Measures conducts unannounced inspections and tests of all commercial weighing, measuring, timing, and counting devices, which are used to sell various commodities and services to consumers. These inspections and tests are essential to eliminate the potential for fraud, carelessness, and misrepresentations in the marketplace. The Weights and Measures Officers are empowered by law to remove those devices and commodities that do not provide accurate measurements.

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Chiara Lopez

Assistant to Superintendent


Department of Public Safety 

Division of Weights & Measures

220 East Ridgewood Ave, Suite 204. • Paramus, NJ 07430

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