Police Academy Rules & Regulations

All In-Service Rules are mandatory in order to keep the Academy clean and orderly. Violations of any of the following rules may result in the student being returned to his/her department without credit for course.

Dress Code

Proper footwear and attire is required at all times.

Proper dress consists of:
business suit, shirt, tie, regular department uniform; sport jacket, slacks; female officers can also wear dresses or skirts and fore go the tie. No jeans, shorts, sweat clothes, sneakers or sandals are permitted. 

Dress Code Exceptions:
all physical courses - Firearms, CPR, Defensive Tactics, Photography. No other dress will be allowed without the prior approval of the chief police instructor.

Cell Phones

There is no cellphone usage in or around the administrative offices of the Director.  Cell phone restriction signs are posted in the designated areas.

Class Times

All classes begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM, unless otherwise indicated in a specific course description.


Basic Police Training Course: Reimbursement for student withdrawal or dismissal from the Basic Police Training Course will be as follows: 
100% if the Academy is notified 7 days prior to orientation. 50% for post-orientation withdrawal through the third week of training. 0% after the third week of training.


Billing will be made upon completion of the course. Checks, money orders and vouchers are to be made payable to:  The Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute  281 Campgaw Road,  Mahwah, NJ 07430 

Please do not send payment before being billed!

Out-of-county NJ Police Training Commission certified instructors who actively instruct Bergen County Academy courses may attend in-service courses conducted or sponsored by the Academy at no charge. 


All accidents occurring on Academy grounds must be reported immediately to the attending instructor and to the administrative office, and an incident form must be completed. 

Telephone Messages

No messages will be delivered during classes except in an emergency. All outgoing calls must be made on the pay phones located in the lobby and corridors. 


Smoking is not permitted in the building. When smoking outdoors, use ashtrays. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. 


Breaks are given according to the instructor. Classes normally break for lunch at noon, unless otherwise indicated by the instructor.
Students are required to clean up after themselves. All garbage should be disposed of in the proper receptacles provided. 

The kitchen area is off-limits to all students attending In-Service Training classes, unless permitted by the Academy Director or Chief Training Advisor.


Students are prohibited from talking to any recruit attending the Basic Police Class. Offices are to be entered on official business only. 

Contact Us

Bergen County Police Academy Director
Kenneth R. Ehrenberg, ESQ.
Email: kehrenberg@co.bergen.nj.us

Police Academy Liasion Officer
SGT. Ronald Salzano
Phone: 201-226-5880
Email: rsalzano@bcpo.net

Lead Training Advisor
LT. Jennifer Rueda
Phone: 201-226-5751
Email: jrueda@bcpo.net

Police Academy Compliancy Officer
CHIEF A.P. Michael R. Philips, ESQ.
Phone: 201-226-5642
Email: mphilips@bcpo.net

In-Service Training Liasion / Training Advisor
DET. Claudia Maietta
Phone: 201-226-5514
Email: cmaietta@bcpo.net

Senior Recruit Training Advisor
S.O. Daniel Solares
Phone: 201-226-5872
Email: dsolares@bcsd.us

Range Master(s)
LT. John Lind
Phone: 201-226-5861
Email: jlind@bcsd.us

S.O. Marcello Hagopian
Phone: 201-226-5862
Email: mhagopian@bcsd.us

Laura Sans
Phone: 201-336-7346
Email: lsans@bergencountynj.gov

Recruit Training Advisors
CAPT. Ryan King
Phone: 201-785-5727
Email: rking@bclpsi.net

S.O. Alejandro Tapia

Phone: 201-785-5726
Email: atapia@bclpsi.net

S.O. Rich Donohue
Phone: 201-785-5728
Email: rdonohue@bclpsi.net

Alternate Route Program
CHIEF (RET.) Robert Peacock
Phone: 201-785-5703
Email: peacock@bclpsi.net

 Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute

281 Campgaw Road • Mahwah, NJ 07430

Phone: 201-785-5700
Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4:30pm