Lost & Found Pets

Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet, please come to the shelter to fill out a lost report and look at our animals. Bring identification and proof that the animal is yours. Acceptable proof include but is not limited to:

  • Town license

  • Vaccine certificate

  • Vet Records

  • Purchase receipt

The staff that answer the phone cannot look through the shelter for your pet - you must do this yourself. We pick up animals in the towns that contract with us for animal control. We sometimes get animals from other towns if they are brought in by private citizens. 

Hold Period

We hold stray cats and dogs for one week, as per the state law, so you should check the shelter at least once a week. 

Reclaim Fee

A reclaim fee is charged. The amount will depend on what services were provided to the animal. Payment may be made by cash (exact change is preferred), checks, MasterCard, VISA or money orders. 

Helpful Resources

  • List of strays from the past week at the shelter

  • Dogs on stray hold  

  • The Missing Pet Network (MPN) is a virtual linking of web sites throughout the country - sites that are dedicated to helping to reunite pet owners with missing or found pets. You may post a lost or found notice about any pet there. In most cases your post will appear within 24 hours. 

Found Pets  

If you have found a pet that you wish to hold, please call the shelter to file a found report. We will check this report when someone comes in to look for a lost pet. If you found a stray in a contracting town, you may bring in the animal during the hours we are open or you may call for a pick-up from animal control. 

If the shelter is not open, call your local police who can reach us via the county police dispatcher. If the stray was found in a town that does not contract with us, please call the local police to find out how to reach the appropriate animal control agency.

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