Cancer Education & Early Detection

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The Bergen County CEED Program (Cancer Education and Early Detection) provides comprehensive outreach, education and screening services for breast, cervical, colorectal, and prostate cancers.

Screenings focus on healthy people who do not have symptoms.

This program does not provide treatment for people who have already been diagnosed with cancer. Program services are provided by area providers.

Screenings We Offer:

Guidelines need to be met.



-Breast cancer screenings for women 40 and over.  -Prostate cancer screenings for men ages 55 and over. 
-Cervical cancer screenings for women 21 and over.  -Colorectal cancer screenings for men aged 45 and over. 
-Colorectal cancer screenings for women aged 45 and over.   -Those at higher risk may qualify to be screened at a younger age.

Our services are free to those who qualify:

To apply for the CEED Program please call 201-634-2660 or 201-336-3350.


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Susan Crandall

CEED Program Coordinator

Phone: 201-634-2664

 Bergen County Department of Health Services

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